What is it about?

In the Czech society, the International Women’s day is still associated with mass celebrations, state socialist regime that organized them, and with carnations. We, however, see this day as a memento of the fight against patriarchal structures. We want to commemorate the generations of women who came before us and who tirelessly fought for women’s rights. However, their fight and our fight are not over. Be it the casual sexism we all encounter in our everyday lives, lower salaries, sexual violence or other issues, here in the Czech Republic, women are still precarized, disadvantaged and patronized.


For us, feminism means solidarity: however, not only with women, but with all suppressed and marginalized groups, because we see how much the questions of race, gender and class are interrelated and how mutually dependant patriarchal structures and the capitalist system are.


That is why a number of feminist groups had decided to unite for this particular day and form a feminist bloc. March 8 itself will be preceded by a number of short videos in which the groups introduce a particular topic connected to the day and also to their agenda. The culmination comes on March 8 in a joint event, in the framework of which we will bring an object usually associated with the domestic (chairs, beds, sofas) into the public space (one of the most visited squares in the heart of Prague). We will also bring ourselves into this space: we will be there prepared for a discussion with anyone. Apart from the discussion, there will also be other options and challenges for the spectators and the passers-by: theatre, short lectures, refreshment, and others.